On The Issues

Healthcare – Not a Choice, But a Right

Hala believes that all Virginians deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare.

When Hala’s son was born, he was born with complications that required urgent medical attention. Her job, at the time, offered no health insurance. Thankfully, she qualified for Medicaid and her son was able to get the help he needed. Hala wants that affordable access to healthcare for all Virginians.

However, President Trump and Richmond Republicans want to deny accessible healthcare for  hundreds of thousands of Virginians. As Delegate, Hala will fight for quality, affordable healthcare by:

  • Expanding Medicaid in Virginia to more than 400,000 people, including more than 12,000 people in Prince William County
  • Opposing President Trump’s Obamacare repeal and protecting all Virginians’ access to healthcare, including those with preexisting conditions
  • Fighting extremist politicians in Richmond to protect Planned Parenthood funding and access to lifesaving preventive care.

Education – Strengthening Our School for Future Generations

Hala believes that schools are the building blocks to success for Virginia’s future.

Hala is former PTO president and grew up attending Prince William public schools. She graduated from Woodbridge High, where her kids also attended.

As Delegate, she will strengthen our schools and help our teachers and administrators to ensure our children are getting the best education possible. Her priorities include:

  • Expanding Pre-K
  • Reducing overcrowding in classrooms and in schools
  • Investing more in school infrastructure and construction
  • Retaining and recruiting the best teachers
  • Helping our schools be safe places, free from discrimination and bullying
  • Working to keep the costs of Virginia’s great colleges and universities affordable
  • Making sure our local community colleges and vocational programs have the resources to educate Virginia’s young people

Transportation – Getting Virginians Where They Need to Be

Hala believes that Prince William County workers should get home sooner rather than later to their families.

Despite Metro’s problems of late, the Prince William County community is losing out on business and federal contracts to our neighboring counties because of metro-accessibility. As a commuter herself, she is eager for ways to lessen drive time and allow Prince William residents to spend more time with their families, rather than being stuck on the road. Public transportation has steadily become a necessity, and there is a serious impetus to figure out if it can work for our community.

As Delegate, she will fight for:

  • Investing in the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) and Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) so commuters will have viable alternative transportation options.
  • Supporting legislation to study the prospect of extending Metro lines into Prince William County.
  • Incentivizing carpooling and public transportation usage to become reliable options for those residents who choose not to have a car.

Women’s Rights – Standing Up for Women and Families

Hala marched for our rights in Washington and will stand up for our rights in Richmond.

Endorsed by EMILY’s List, Hala is a passionate advocate for women and families. As a single, working mother, she knows the challenges families face every day. Hala helped organize Virginia for the Women’s March and founded the Prince William chapter of the National Organization for Women.

As a member of Governor McAuliffe’s Council on Women, Hala has been a strong voice for women’s issues and Virginia families. As Delegate, she will:

    • Fight for women’s health care to make sure access to birth control is available.
    • Protect Planned Parenthood and defending a woman’s ability to make her own health decisions.
    • Champion policies that help working families like paid family leave, paid sick leave and increasing the minimum wage.
    • Stand up for equal pay for equal work, so women who work the same job as men can earn the same living.